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Do you SPEAK Spanish?


Do you already have a basic level (or more!) of Spanish language

and really want to improve your conversation skills?

If so, these  speaking  classes are for you!
No books, no grammar worksheets, and no boring homework,
just fun, interactive and communicative classes.
Fundamentals of Spanish Fluency

Gain confidence and fluency in conversational Spanish


There is something for everyone,

with online sessions for all skill levels

Covering everything from the

basics of smalltalk to crafting well-formed opinions

about complex, topical issues.


Virtual Classroom


Our virtual classroom has been created solely for the purpose of online language teaching and learning. It features an interactive online whiteboard, integrated class materials, and high quality audio and video.

The online classroom is available through your web browser. No plugins or downloads are required, and it is mobile-friendly.

Our Teachers


Our teachers are certified and experienced professionals who have been carefully selected to join our team and have gone through a rigorous recruitment process. We provide ongoing teacher training and feedback loop to ensure that our teachers are equipped with the relevant knowledge and skills to offer you the best learning experience.

Online Tutorial
Accountant at Work

Academic Advisor

Not only do we pair you with one of our amazing teachers, but we also assign a dedicated Academic Advisor to help you reach your language learning potential. Your Academic Advisor is an experienced education professional whose responsibility is to provide you with guidance and assistance in all of your learning decisions.

As soon as you sign up for your classes, your Academic Advisor will help you with the following:

  • Design and implement a Personal Lesson Plan for you.

  • Monitor your progress to ensure that your learning goals are being met.

  • Follow up with you on a regular basis, and recommend changes to your lesson plan if your learning needs change or evolve.

 You'll Never Walk Alone

You will never have to deal with customer service. Your Academic Advisor will be your single point of contact to help and support you with any pedagogical, administrative, or technical concerns, such as (but not limited to):

  • Changing your lesson plan, content or structure of your classes.

  • Helping with technical requirements and issues.

  • Recommending the right teacher for your needs.

  • Scheduling classes.

  • Making payments.

Virtual Conference